Eve Online’s Doctor Who crossover event is now live

Eve Online‘s previously announced crossover event with Doctor Who is now available.

From now through February 1st players can take on the Daleks. To get started, players need to visit Warp Matrix Convergence sites to uncover the materials needed to craft a special filament that grants access to a new area of space that is exclusive to the event. This new area is set around Gallifrey and players will have to explore the area to discover clues that lead to the Daleks. Defeat the Doctor’s greatest enemy to earn Doctor Who-inspired SKINs, pilot apparel, boosters, and more.

There’s also a login event running for the duration that contains a generous supply of Skill Points and new auto-injecting SKINs and boosters. Players need to login for 13 days out of the 19 to get all rewards.

Finally, Doctor Who-themed packs and skins are available from the Eve Store and New Eden Store throughout the event.

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