Empire of Sin update makes changes to Safehouses and combat

Paradox Interactive and Romero Games have outlined a number of changes that will be made to Empire of Sin in update 1.03.

First up, the upcoming update will make it much harder to find Safehouses. In update 1.03, Safehouses will be just another white building in the neighborhood without any guards outside. To find the Safehouse, players will need to attack the faction’s rackets, find clues inside rackets, or plant mole within the faction’s ranks. The discovery chance for a Safehouse is checked each month, and if players pass the threshold, then it will be revealed on the map.

Also undergoing some changes are security guards. With each tier upgrade, guards will have higher HP and armor, and also have access to uncommon and rare weapons. Additionally, a new tier of guards are being introduced for security ranks four and five.

Other changes include smarter AI enemies, a reduction in critical damage, the introduction of a mini-auto-resolve feature, and more. Read the full patch notes for the update, which is available now in beta form on PC, here.

Update 1.03 is scheduled to release later this month on PC and consoles.

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