Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update introduces Fleet Carrier interiors, new mission type

A new update is now available for Elite DangerousOdyssey expansion that adds interior environments for Fleet Carriers and a new type of mission.

Following this update, players can now walk around and explore the interiors of Drake Class Carriers. These interiors feature a main concourse and hanger lobby, a Command Deck, and a seating area for jumps, as well as a Vista Genomics service desk, Pioneer Supplies store, and Shipyard access point. Players can also visit the Bar to talk to the bartender, who acts as a fully player-driven trading post.

In addition, the Protect mission type is now available. This new type of mission tasks players with defending a specific objective at a given location. Take a look at the full patch notes here.

In other related news, Frontier Developments recently announced that it is ending development of the console versions of Elite Dangerous. Moving forward, the console release will only receive “critical updates,” with all new content being exclusive to the PC version.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available now on PC.

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