Elite Dangerous: Odyssey pre-alpha gameplay shows off a raid mission

Frontier Developments has released a new gameplay video for Elite DangerousOdyssey expansion and announced the start date of the alpha on PC.

The pre-alpha gameplay footage shows a team of three commanders taking on a raid mission. The trios’ objective is to disable the power center of a military outpost to render the opposing faction powerless.

Two of the team sneak their way to the objective, while the third circles above in a ship. After reaching the objective, tools are used to cut the door panel, and the workers inside are dealt with. The pair manage to successfully disable the reactor, but alert the guards in the process, forcing them to defend the area until the reactor regulator is exposed. The finale is a rush back to the third player’s ship for a quick getaway. Watch it all play out below:

In addition to sharing the gameplay, the developer announced that an alpha for the expansion will begin on March 29th for PC players.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches late spring on PC, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release following in fall 2021.

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