Elden Ring launch trailer rises, Tarnished

Ahead of the game’s launch on Friday, Bandai Namco has released an epic launch trailer for Elden Ring.

Interestingly enough, the trailer focuses on the many ways that your character, a Tarnished, is perceived by the other inhabitants of The Lands Between. Some see you as a pillager, others as a sacrificial lamb, but some see you as a revolutionary force that can end one era and start a new one.

There are also several factions that seem to be vying for power, now that the Elden Ring is smashed into pieces. Specifically, there are factions that believe in the guidance of the Erdtree’s grace, and those who would rather see the Erdtree destroyed. There are also mysterious, celestial forces at play, too, it seems.

As much as we’ve seen of the game already, from various trailers and the network test, there are still some surprises in the trailer—some you may even consider spoilers. If you want to go into the game completely fresh, then you might want to skip this awesome launch trailer altogether.

Elden Ring launches February 25th for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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