EA Sports PGA Tour announces release date with first gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts is back in the golf game, and it’s got its eyes set on the proverbial green jacket. That much is obvious in the latest trailer for EA Sports PGA Tour, which not only gives us our first look at gameplay but also reveals a release date.

The gameplay trailer (narrated by new on-course commentator Iona Stephen) debuts EA Sports PGA Tour‘s new Pure Strike shot system. This new system combines data from Shotlink powered by CDW and TrackMan to “ensure that each professional golfer’s unique swing and attributes will be accurately reflected in the game,” according to a press release from EA. In essence, this means a more lifelike golf sim both before and after your club makes contact with the ball. EA also motion captured the swing every pro golfer in the game for an even more lifelike experience.

While Pure Strike will use a right stick swing mechanic, a view of the gameplay options seems to hint that there will be other ways for players to enjoy the game, possibly with face button inputs. Players can also change the gameplay style (which probably adjusts how many visual aids players receive) as well as swing difficulty and putt difficulty.

Players will also have 20 different shot types at their disposal, including standard ones like Pitch, Punch, and Blast, and specialty shots like High Flop, Stinger, and Texas wedge. The shot type you use will depend on the situation and the club, with over 1,300 shot variations in the game.

Finally, the trailer reveals that we don’t have long to wait for our tee time. EA Sports PGA Tour launches March 24th for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC via the EA App, Steam, and Epic.

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