Dying Light event messes with gravity

Techland has kicked off a new event in Dying Light titled Low Gravity.

During the event, alien visitors have been messing with gravity. As a result, players can jump much higher than before, will fall much slower, and suffer no damage from falling. Additionally, players can use a grappling hook to quickly pull them towards an enemy.

“Unknown cosmic forces have also affected the infected. Just like players, they will fall much slower and will take no damage when falling,” the developer adds. “Furthermore, an explosion or dropkick attack will launch them high into the air.”

The event also features a number of challenges for players to complete. Players who defeat 100 enemies will be awarded the V-27 Chameleon Machete (gold), while three King upgrades are available if the community can collectively defeat 100,000,000 infected.

Finally, a new Astronaut bundle is available to purchase that contains the V-23 Eraser laser rifle, V-40 Suspender stasis pistol, V-27 Shifter machete, V-9 Defender Suit, and the V-39 Star Rover.

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