Dying Light 2’s ‘A Huntress and a Hag’ Chapter is now available

Dying Light 2 Stay Human‘s second free Chapter, A Huntress and a Hag, is now available, developer Techland has announced.

In this second chapter, players are introduced to Shen Xiu aka The Huntress, a talented tracker who is an expert with ranged weapons. Join The Huntress in her search for the Hag, a Banshee Variant who infects the humans around her.

“But watch out—the Hag is a very fast and nimble foe, almost impossible to hit in close quarters and easily able to catch you off guard,” the developer adds. “Humans infected by her toxic fog are almost indistinguishable from normal people; only your Survivor Sense can help you detect them!”

Playing through this non-time-limited chapter will reward players with new weapons, such as the Hunter’s Crossbow and Ballista Bow.

“We wanted to present players with a challenge like none they have seen before,” Paweł Płaza, Techland’s Product Owner, said. “The Hag is meant to be an extraordinary foe, powerful enough to even bend the game’s rules – making the Day in the City as dangerous and tense as the Night. The hunt is on and you’ll have to be constantly on your toes if you don’t want to end up as the prey.”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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