Dispatch ambulances in Two Point Hospital’s Speedy Recovery DLC

Turns out Two Point Studios isn’t done with Two Point Hospital just yet, as the developer has announced a new DLC for the game titled Speedy Recovery.

In this latest add-on, players will be able to use the designs of mechanic and inventor Gretchen Gearbox to build and manage a fleet of ambulances. Players will need to send out the right ambulance for the job as they compete against rival hospitals.

“Head off-road with the Big Healer or cram in a laughable load with the Pantomobile,” the developer adds. “Fly in timeless style with the Relicopter or squat through the skies in glorious privacy with the Airloovator.”

The upcoming DLC also introduces three new locations, three fully-animated cure machines, new items, and 19 new illnesses, including six visual illnesses.

Two Point Hospital: Speedy Recovery launches March 15th on PC for $8.99.

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