Discord now works in a straightforward, reasonable way on Xbox

Discord has announced an update to the popular chat app on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S that finally makes it work the way it always should have.

Yes, you’ll no longer need to use a second device to transfer voice chats manually to your console. Instead, you can join any available servers or voice channels right from your Xbox, by navigating to Parties & Chats section of the Guide and selecting Discord’s “Join a Voice Channel” option. You’ll even get a preview of which friends are already in the channel before you join.

In case you weren’t away of how Discord worked on Xbox before today, prior to this update you needed to join a call from a mobile device and then transfer it manually to your console. Every. Single. Time.

Needless to say, the new method is an enormous improvement. While you still need to perform a one-time setup by linking your Xbox and Discord accounts—you can easily do that from a web browser if you haven’t already—after that the process is a lot less finicky, working how you’d expect from an app running natively on a platform.

The new update goes is rolling out as we write this news story, so you should be able to get it soon, if not already. For more details, you can check out Discord’s official blog post.

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