Dirt 5’s Career mode detailed

Codemasters has shared details about Dirt 5’s Career mode in a new blog post.

Career mode starts players off at the bottom of a “world-renowned off-road racing series” and places them under the wing of Alex Janiček, better known as AJ, a fan-favorite in the world of Dirt who is voiced Troy Baker. On their rise to the top, players will encounter another new racer who is making waves, Bruno Durand (voiced by Nolan North), a calculated veteran racer who has won several championships in other off-road disciplines.

As for how Career will work? The mode is split into five chapters and each will allow players to choose which events they participate in. The aim of each chapter is to collect enough Stamps through racing to unlock the Main Event and move onto the next. Players can also complete certain objectives in events to unlock secret Throwdowns that will see them go one-on-one with a challenger.

Codemasters also revealed that players will be able to sign with one of 20 real-world sponsors to aid their career, including Codemasters itself, Monster Energy, and Fatlace. Each sponsor has unique signing on bonus rewards and an ultimate reward that is unlocked by completing objectives and increasing the Reputation Rank. Players are free to switch between sponsors at any point.

Finally, the mode supports split-screen co-op for up to four players, with each additional player taking the spot of an AI driver. Stamps and sponsor bonuses will only be earned by the host player, but other players can earn XP and currency for their own accounts.

Dirt 5 launches October 2020 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with a Stadia release to follow in early 2021.

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