Digimon Survive’s Karma system explained

Bandai Namco has gone over the Karma system that will be included in Digimon Survive in a new PlayStation Blog post.

As players make decisions during the story, their Karma score will be affected. Depending on the decision made, players will adjust either the Moral, Harmony, or Wrathful type of Karma.

Moral choices “can range from a focus on justice, sacrifice, or even prudence” and will help protagonist Takuma find common ground with Vaccine-type Digimon. While Harmony is based on choices relating to compassion, cooperation, and peace, and influences the Data attribute. The third and final Karma type, Wrathful, is “bold, direct, and objective-driven” and is based on the Virus Digimon attribute.

While battling, players have the chance to recruit certain Digimon to join their team by talking to them. Having a high score in the Digimon’s corresponding Karma attribute will make it easier to convince them.

Finally, Takuma’s highest Karma score will dictate which of the three Digivolution paths Agumon can unlock.  For example, the Harmony score unlocks the Data branch.

Digimon Survive launches July 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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