DICE GM confirms ‘big, big majority’ of studio working on Battlefield 2042

DICE’s new general manager, Rebecka Coutaz, confirmed in a recent interview with Eurogamer that the “big, big majority of DICE is working on Battlefield 2042.”

This statement counters a report from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb (via VGC) that DICE only left a “skeleton crew” to work on the remainder of 2042‘s obligatory Year 1 content, calling it “abandon ship time.” Battlefield publisher Electronic Arts previously denied the report.

It also seemingly confirms a statement from DICE game designer Frederik Drabert that “almost everyone” at DICE continues to work on 2042. However, Coutaz wouldn’t go into specifics about the number of developers still assigned to the game.

Coutaz’s interview—and another published simultaneously at GamesIndustry.biz—comes just after Battlefield 2042 finally launched its first season of new content, nearly 7 months after the game’s initial release. Coutaz, who took over for 13-year DICE veteran Oskar Gabrielson a month after 2042 launched, stated that DICE held a two-month “retrospective” with Ripple Effect, EA Gothenburg, and Criterion to figure out “what really did work, what didn’t work, and what do we have to build on” following 2042‘s release. I’m guessing it’s partly why DICE is “rethinking its development process,” and it could explain why DICE delayed Season 1 for so long.

As far as the number of players still logging on to Battlefield 2042‘s servers, Coutaz said that “it’s according to our plans, so we’re moving forward with our plans.”

Battlefield 2042 is available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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