DICE details Battlefield 2042’s first two patches of 2022

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has detailed the first couple of updates coming to the game in 2022, including patch notes and a mock-up for a new scoreboard.

First up is Update 3.2, which goes live tomorrow. This is a smaller update but, according to the patch notes, it fixes one key bug: “an issue where soldier movement speed was impaired by nearby explosions that spawned craters.” The patch also adds “multiple fixes to improve overall game stability” and further improvements to hit registration.

In addition to these changes, DICE is already pushing changes to Battlefield Portal’s progression system. The Battlefield Direct Communications social media account posted a thread detailing the changes and how players will earn XP in Portal going forward. In essence, it’s increasing the maximum amount of XP earned per minute to 300 and letting players complete weekly missions in “moderately” customized servers.

When the game first launched, players were creating “XP farming” servers, which DICE quickly shut down by hard-capping XP earned in custom servers. However, these changes will be the first that DICE has made to actually bring XP earning back to Portal, arguably the game’s best mode.

But that’s not all. DICE also detailed several new features that it’s looking to bring to 2042 in Update 3.3, which it expects to launch in mid- to late February. DICE is currently working on an updated version of the game’s scoreboard, matchmaking preference options, in-game voice chat, and further improvements to the game’s performance across all platforms. DICE posted a work-in-progress version of the scoreboard, and while it does allow players to compare their individual performances to other players (as opposed to comparing per squad), players have still expressed concerns about it removing the amount of deaths.

However, one key thing missing from these communications is any mention of future content, let alone a roadmap. Battlefield 2042‘s ultimate edition promised access to content related to all four seasons of the game’s first year, but DICE has yet to officially mention any plans for future content.

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