Devolver Digital dates Direct

Devolver Digital’s annual E3 presentation is always a bloody good time. Even though there’s no E3 this year, Devolver has announced when it’s airing its own Direct presentation, and we don’t have long to wait.

Devolver revealed on Twitter that its Direct is premiering on Saturday, July 11th at 12 p.m. PT on the publisher’s Twitch channel.

As for what we can expect to see, release dates for Fall Guys and Carrion are likely, as well as a specific date for Serious Sam 4, which is still launching in August, according to Devolver’s website. We’re also hoping to get some surprises like last year’s Devolver Bootleg, the bundle that included “original rip-offs” of the publisher’s own games like Hotline Milwaukee and Ape Out Jr.

The biggest question, however, is what awaits Nina Struthers, Devolver’s “chief synergy officer,” who was left in a precarious position during last year’s Big Fancy Press Conference. Devolver did tweet a photo with actress Mahria Zook, so it seems like Nina’s saga will continue during this year’s Direct.

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