Developers deliver new Forspoken details about story, ‘magic parkour’

Forspoken developers took to the Tokyo Game Show stage to reveal new details about their upcoming open-world action RPG.

The Square Enix game’s main draw—besides its beautiful graphics—is how protagonist Frey uses magic for basically everything. According to IGN, Frey can “learn a wide variety of spells,” co-director Takefumi Terada said. In fact, developers designed the game to allow players to freely experiment with different spells and magic.

One of the ways that magic will play a major role in Forspoken is in how players traverse the world of Athia. Instead of more traditional travel methods, Frey uses “magic parkour” to get from place to place. IGN writer Jason Coskrey compared Frey’s mobility to a mechanic in Warframe called the “bullet jump.”

However, Frey’s parkour seems more intentional than that player-discovered ability. Terada stated that players can use their parkour skills with just one button.

Finally, the devs gave a few more details about the story. Frey starts off in New York City, having a rough go of it and wishing she could leave. Her story begins when she goes through a portal to Athia and, along the way, picks up Cuff, the talking bracelet that gives Frey her magic powers.

Creative producer Raio Mitsuno said that Frey and Cuff “both say whatever they think. This means they are fighting all the time.” A talkative companion that never leaves your side and is constantly arguing with you? That doesn’t sound like it will get annoying at all!

Forspoken is set to launch on PlayStation 5 and PC in spring 2022.

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