Destruction AllStars is getting a new event, game mode, and more

Lucid Games is bringing a new event to Destruction AllStars next week that will feature a new game mode, an AllStar Pass, and more.

“Events are brand new to Destruction AllStars and they last for six weeks, they also come packed with content with rapid delivery. Events will always launch with a new game mode or playlist along with a brand new AllStar Pass,” marketing lead George Rule explained on the PlayStation Blog.

In addition to a new mode and AllStar Pass, which contains new cosmetics and currency rewards, each event will be accompanied by a rotating set of challenges that reward currency, XP, and brand new cosmetics.

The first of these events, titled Rise, begins on June 22nd and introduces the Jumpshot game mode. Jumpshot is “a team-based game mode that requires you to think fast on your feet and behind the wheel as you score points with the help of your team.”

The developer is also adding a competitive season for Blitz with a revamped ranking system that will better track players’ skill levels and match them appropriately. Earn “brand new and prestigious cosmetic rewards” by taking part. Read more about the upcoming changes over on the PlayStation Blog.

Destruction AllStars is included in the Extra and Premium/Deluxe tiers of PlayStation Plus.

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