Destiny 2’s latest hotfix brings changes to Hard Light

Hotfix is coming to Destiny 2 on Wednesday, April 29th, and Bungie has let Guardians in on what exactly it’ll be addressing.

The main focus of this hotfix is the Hard Light, “a name that may either strike fear or pure joy in your heart” according to Bungie. The Hard Light will see adjustments made to its damage falloff, bonus damage, and more.

“Most of the adjustments coming on Wednesday are to address its usage for mouse and keyboard users since the ability to precisely aim regardless of range allows you to use the weapon at longer distances, on top of being able to use ricochets more effectively,” Bungie said in its explanation of the hotfix.

Here are the full list of changes coming to the Hard Light:

  • Hard Light
    • Hard Light’s damage falloff now floors at 0.7x (Auto Rifles use 0.5x standard).
    • Split ricochet bonus damage between PvE and PvP.
      • PvE damage remains at 2.0x damage.
      • PvP damage is now 1.35x damage.
    • Removed a hidden recoil adjustment that made the weapon more stable than intended.


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