Destiny 2’s Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty detailed

During its latest This Week At Bungie post, Bungie shared details about Destiny 2’s upcoming Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty.

According to the developer, the Grandmaster difficulty of Nightfall: The Ordeal will test a “fireteam’s coordination, communication, builds, and skill like no other activity in Destiny to date.” Grandmaster requires players to be at least power level 1025, which is 25 power below the activity’s power level of 1050. There will also be a system similar to the raid’s Contest mode that will give players no extra advantage over power level 1025.

Grandmaster difficulty also features a number of new and returning modifiers for players to deal with. A couple of examples include Extinguish, which sends players back to orbit if the team wipes, and Limited Revives, which starts players with a limited pool of lives that can be increased by killing champions.

As for rewards, Grandmaster offers increased chances of obtaining Exotic armor and Masterworking materials, as well as a new Conqueror Seal and title for beating each Grandmaster Ordeal Strike once.

The Grandmaster difficulty is scheduled to launch on April 21st.

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