Destiny 2’s Empyrean Foundation event begins this week

Bungie has announced that the previously teased Empyrean Foundation event for Destiny 2 will get underway this week.

“Saint-14 will ask all Guardians to contribute to building a beacon that will be a foundation for things to come next Season,” the developer wrote in a blog post. “The Tower Obelisk will be the focal point of this event, so make sure you have it unlocked and ready to go as it’s going to have some hefty benefits to take advantage of.”

To participate in the event, players must donate their Polarized Fractaline at the Tower Obelisk in batches of 100. According to the developer, there are a total of seven stages for the community to collectively complete during the event. The first stage will be complete at 400,000,000 Fractaline, the second stage requires 700,000,000, and the third requires 1,200,000,000. The amounts required for the final four stages are being kept a secret for now.

As for rewards, players will get 25 percent flat progression to all Timelost weapon bounties in their inventory each time they contribute. While players who donate a total of 5,000 Fractaline before the end of the season will receive a Triumph and Emblem. In addition, all players will get a shader when all seven stages are complete.

The Empyrean Foundation event begins tomorrow, February 4th.

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