Deathloop gameplay reveals Colt’s arsenal of guns and gadgets

Arkane Studios has released a new video highlighting the weapons and equipment you’ll have at your disposal in Deathloop.

The gameplay footage, published as part of Game Informer‘s cover story, shows off and names 10 different weapons. Though this isn’t the entirety of the arsenal Colt will have at his disposal as he tries to survive and escape the time loop on Blackreef island, it’s a pretty extensive cross-section of different weapon archetypes.

Most of these guns behave about as you’d expect. The machete, well, chops people. The Vopat Trencher and Heritage Gun are shotguns, great for close-quarters engagements. The Sepulchra Breteria is a classic sniper, and the Fourpounder is a massive, Desert Eagle–style handgun that you’ll optionally be able to dual wield.

What’s equally interesting about the gameplay, however, is that it also shows off a few (unnamed) gadgets that you’ll be able to use to mix up encounters. At one point, Colt uses a handheld device to scramble a security camera, allowing him to sneak through its cone of vision undetected. In another section, he deploys an automated turret that mows down enemies while he unloads an SMG.

If you’re looking forward to the game, the entire four-minute video is definitely worth a watch.

Deathloop comes to PlayStation 5 and Windows PC on May 21st.

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