Dead Island 2: To Die and Live in L.A.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Los Angeles isn’t an island. But in the world of Dead Island 2, it at least sort of figuratively counts. After an outbreak starts turning Angelenos into (even bigger) zombies, the government quarantines the entire region—no one in or out.

As one of the survivors trapped inside, you’ll be able to venture to several districts inspired by real world neighborhoods, recreated with an eye for both accuracy and parody. So far, we’ve seen at least three different areas. First, there’s the Hollywood Hills, full of movie star mansions and swimming pools. Then there’s Beverly Hills, complete with gaudy statues and a big, pink hotel. Finally, trailers have prominently featured the Venice Beach Boardwalk, full of tourist-trap stalls and oceanfront parks. (We’ve also seen the Santa Monica Pier, but it’s as of yet unclear whether it’ll share a district with Venice or be its own separate area). 

In addition to familiar landmarks, each region of Dead Island 2’s LA will be filled with its own zombie variants designed to reflect the character of the neighborhood. Yes, that means Venice will be full of musclebound goons—only a bit more braindead than the ones you’ll find in real life.

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