Dead Cells, Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, Gears 5, and more coming to Xbox Game Pass

Six new games are being added to Xbox Game Pass on console this month, with Xbox Game Pass on PC getting seven games.

The first new additions of September arrive tomorrow on console and include Motion Twin’s rogue-lite Dead Cells and the HD remasters of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Following these will be top-down hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Creature in the Well and Gears 5 Ultimate Edition on September 6th (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). The standard edition of Gears 5 is also being added to the pass on September 10th.

The final two games being added are dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon and 2D platformer Gonner Blüeberry Edition, which will be added to the console pass on September 12th.

As mentioned above, seven titles are also being added to Xbox Game Pass on PC this month, but exact dates have not been given. The seven games are Bad North: Jotuun Edition, Creature in the Well, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Gears 5, Gonner Blüeberry Edition, and Shadow Warrior 2.

Finally, Microsoft announced that the following games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass this month:

  • Onrush (September 4th)
  • LEGO Batman 2 (September 6th)
  • Joy Ride Turbo (September 6th)
  • Splosion Man (September 6th)
  • The Maw (September 6th)
  • LEGO Indiana Jones (September 30th)
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (September 30th)
  • Split/Second (September 30th)
  • Ninja Gaiden Black (September 30th)
  • theHunter: Call of the Wild (September 30th)

Xbox Game Pass is available now on Xbox One for $9.99 a month and on PC for $4.99 a month.

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