DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos – Super Style

In comparison to the recently released Gotham Knights and the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Outright Games and PHL Collective’s DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos instantly stands out due to its visual style and representation of the classic Justice League lineup.

So, we wanted to learn a bit more about the inspiration for that style from Brian Gitlin, the game’s lead designer and narrative director.

“We set out to create a unique art style that suited the fun, light-hearted story we were telling,” explained Gitlin. “We were initially inspired by the chibi versions of DC Super Heroes such as those seen in the Li’l Leaguers comic books. We were also really influenced by the vast number of incredible DC artists over the years. We sought to combine our favorite elements of those into an art style that would add something new and special to the storied history of the DC Comics universe.”

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