Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.3 update introduces Reset Perks option, improves GPS

CD Projekt Red has shared details about its next update for Cyberpunk 2077.

To start with, a small improvement has been made to the GPS on the minimap while in vehicles. Following update 1.3, the minimap will be zoomed out more to give players a better idea of where they are going. Check out a comparison between the current 1.23 update and the upcoming 1.3 below:

The developer is also fixing another annoying issue in 1.3 to do with choosing a doll while in Clouds. This update will keep the video that shows Skye and Angel’s faces up on the screen for longer so that players don’t have to guess which one was which when making their decision.

Finally, update 1.3 will make it much easier and cheaper for players to reset their perks. Currently, players need to purchase a rather expensive item from a Ripperdoc to respec. However, update 1.3 adds a new Reset Perks option to the character screen that can be used to reallocate points within the same tree.

More information about update 1.3 will be shared during a livestream tomorrow, August 17th. Watch the stream live from 6 p.m. CEST over on CD Projekt Red’s Twitch channel.

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