Crusader Kings III’s first expansion moved to 2022

Crusader Kings III players are going to have to wait until 2022 before they can step into the Royal Court.

Publisher Paradox Interactive explained in a forum post that there are still a number of bugs that need fixing before the expansion is ready. More news about the expansion’s 2022 release date will be shared “soon.”

Here’s what the publisher had to say about the delay:

This year has been a long and interesting one, to be certain, but we are here all together to make sure that our fantastic community gets the product that we have all been waiting for and deserve. Earlier this year, we informed you all that we were working hard to make sure that Royal Court was up to our standards.

Royal Court is not only the first expansion for CK3, but also a set of features entirely new to the CK series, including cultural evolution and language. It is very much breaking new ground,and as such, we are experimenting at every turn.

With that in mind we are not, at the moment, entirely satisfied with Royal Court’s progress, especially regarding its stability. There are a number of bugs we really need to iron out, and are taking more time to make sure it is in line with the standards you expect. We also understand the frustration that delays cause, but we would like to make sure we are always as forthcoming as possible and that you hear the news directly from us. It’s a tricky balance between sentiments like “It will release whenever we finish making sure it is ready” and things like giving exact timelines only to make necessary but upsetting changes to that timeline when we do actually need time to review and make those changes.

Royal Court gives players the option to hold court in the new Throne Room and listen to the problems of vassals and courtiers. Players can increase the quality of life in their court and attract better guests with fancier food and trappings, as well as add treasures and artifacts created by talented artists, craftspeople, and thinkers.

Crusader Kings III is available now on PC. The game is also in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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