Crusader Kings II subscription service now available

Paradox Interactive has made a new subscription service available for Crusader Kings II’s many, many DLC packs.

The service is available now through Steam for $4.99 a month. Players who choose to subscribe to it will get instant access to 13 major expansions, 12 unit packs, 14 music packs, 10 portrait packs, the Game Converter for Europa Universalis IV, and the Ruler Designer.

“With so much additional content available, the cost for new Crusader Kings II players can seem prohibitive or intimidating. This is an affordable way for players to experience the entire Crusader Kings II catalog without having to weigh which items they would prefer to purchase,” the publisher wrote on the game’s official forums.

“This does not mean it is the only way to get DLC moving forward. The Subscription service is entirely optional and purchasing a single or multiple DLC packs without the Subscription is still an option.”

Crusader Kings II is available now as a free download on PC.

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