Collector bonuses and free fast travel this week in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players can get some Collector bonuses, double rewards, discounts, and more this week, Rockstar has revealed.

To start with, this week’s Featured Series, which is a Hardcore variant of Most Wanted, is paying out double RDO$ and XP until March 8th. Additionally, double Role XP is available to Collectors for discovering any Collectible (except Condor Eggs) alongside 50 percent extra RDO$ from all Collector Free Roam events.

There’s also 30 percent off a Novice or Promising Collector Role Item for bringing the Tully Monster Fossil, Cephalopod Fossil, and Rock Bass to Madam Nazar to complete the Deep Blue Collection.

In addition to the above, all fast travel is free this week, Fences are waiving rank requirements for all weapons, and the rank requirements for all pamphlets up to rank 50 have been removed.

Finally, players can get five Gold Bars off the Collector’s Bag, 30 percent off Boots and Vests, 40 percent off the Pennington Field Shovel and The Metal Detector, 30 percent off Criollo Horses, and 30 percent off weapon and ammo pamphlets.

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