Collect Jack O’ Lanterns and get the Übermacht Rhinehart this week in GTA Online

Rockstar has revealed all of the Halloween-themed things coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this week.

To start with, hundreds of Jack O’ Lanterns have popped up across Los Santos for players to collect. Grab 10 each day to unlock rare items and GTA$50,000. In addition to this, three Halloween masks can be earned this week. Get the Conquest mask for playing this week, the Brown Vintage Frank mask for becoming a Bodyguard or Associate, and the Dark Green Vintage Vampire mask for completing a Special Cargo Sell Mission.

Players can also purchase the Übermacht Rhinehart from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, get rewarded for spotting unidentified aircraft, and get double GTA$ and RP in Slasher and Alien Survivals.

Additionally, the following races have been added to the Community Series, which is paying out double rewards:

  • Deep Blue by FreelancerX20
  • The Descent of Man – by ElusiveCaesar
  • Sandy Shores Stadium by XTi2mX
  • Open Wheel Sandracing by MrRickster66
  • Suicide Clowns EXTREME! by Ka-Wouter

Finally, link a Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club to get GTA$125,000 for playing this week.

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