Civilization VI’s April update includes new units, balance adjustments, and more

The final update of Civilization VI’s current season of content brings with it three new units, AI changes, balance adjustments, and more.

The highlight of April’s update is the introduction of three new units: Line Infantry, Men at Arms, and the highly requested Trebuchet. All three of these units will be available to all civilizations in the game. Additionally, changes are being made to the strength values of several existing units to help balance these new arrivals.

April’s update will also make a number of changes to existing civilizations, according to developer Firaxis. A few examples include the ability for Spain to form Fleets and Armadas with Mercantilism, bonus amenities and faith for every population from Aqueducts for Khmer, and an increase in strength and reduction in cost for Canada’s Mounties.

Civilization VI’s April update will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC from April 22nd.

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