Civilization VI now has a battle royale mode

Battle royale has invaded the Civilization series with the introduction of the Red Death mode.

Red Death pits up to 12 players against one another in a battle to be the last person standing. The aim of the game is to keep a civilian unit alive for as long as possible, once a player’s last civilian unit is killed or captured, they are eliminated.

Of course, being a battle royale mode there is a shrinking circle to keep an eye on. In Red Death, this circle takes the form of a radioactive mass that is slowly consuming the planet. Units caught outside the ring cannot heal and will take periodic damage.

Finally, instead of Civilizations, players choose from one of eight new factions to control in Red Death: Cultists, Doomsday Preppers, Borderlords, Jocks, Mad Scientists, Mutants, Pirates, and Wanderers. A brief rundown of each faction, courtesy of Firaxis, can be found below:

  • Cultists: “Observing The End,” All units have +3 sight.
  • Doomsday Preppers: “Always Prepare for The Worst,” All units have +100% experience bonus.
  • Borderlords: “Living On The Edge,” +10 Combat Strength when 3 hexes or closer to the Safe Zone border.
  • Jocks: “Witness Perfection,” +5 Combat Strength.
  • Mad Scientists: “This Will Only Hurt A Bit,” All units heal 2x faster.
  • Mutants: “Radiant Personalities,” -50 Red Death damage. “Radioactive Movement,” +3 Movement for all units in the Red Death.
  • Pirates: “Water Logged,” All units take 50% less water damage and ignore additional movement cost from embarking and disembarking.
  • Wanderers: “See You Later,” Infantry and Machine Gunners, as well as Civilians in formation with them, have faster Movement on Woods, Rainforest, and Hill terrain.

Read the full patch notes for the September update here.

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