Civilization VI April update adds new units and maps

Firaxis Games has delivered the previously announced April update for Civilization VI on all platforms.

This final free update of the season introduces the Trebuchet, Man-At-Arms, and Line Infantry to the game as new units. The Trebuchet is a Medieval Era Catapult upgrade that can be upgraded to Bombard, while Man-At-Arms is a Medieval Era Swordsman upgrade that can be upgraded to Musketman. Finally, Line Infantry is an Industrial Era upgrade for the Musketman and can later be upgraded to Infantry.

In addition to these new units, the developer has added four new maps for players to explore: Mediterranean Large Map, Earth Huge Map, TSL Earth Huge, and TSL Mediterranean. The last two maps force civilizations to begin the game at the location of their historical capital.

The April update also contains a number of balance adjustments for civilizations, leaders, and units. A few examples include Ta-Seti now granting 30 percent production toward ranged units for Nubia, Persia’s Pairidaeza’s appeal bonus being reduced to +1, and the combat strength of Swordsman being decreased.

Read the full patch notes for the April update here.

Civilization VI is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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