Check out a new gameplay trailer of the Demon’s Souls remake

As part of today’s PlayStation 5 Showcase, Sony gave Souls fans what they’ve been asking for: gameplay footage of the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake.

And a huge Souls fan, I’ve got some mixed feelings about this trailer. However, I also realize that I haven’t touched the original PlayStation 3 version in over 10 years. So, this is one of those things where I’m going to need to watch this trailer more times, and then also go back and refresh my memory on the original version.

I do know that I keep going back and forth if the voice for the Maiden in Black is the original actress, or someone new trying to sound like her. If it’s not the same person—and I fear it might not be—I’m going to be really sad about that.

Oh, and there’s also something Sony didn’t give us: a release date for Demon’s Souls. Maybe it’ll be launch? Maybe it won’t? I guess we still need at least a few details to wait for.

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