Changes are being made to Nioh 2 based on open beta feedback

Team Ninja has shared a number of changes that it is making to Nioh 2 before the game’s release based on player feedback from the recent beta test.

“It was a tremendous learning experience for us as we carefully examined you guys playing the demo. We really appreciate the massive amount of responses submitted to our questionnaire after the play through,” creative director Tom Lee wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “Our team has thoroughly read and reviewed everyone’s constructive feedback, and with that input we are working diligently towards fine-tuning the build for the final game.”

According to the developer, the overall aim of these changes is to improve the overall balance and difficulty of the game, adjust player penalties in the Dark Realm, improve Ki management, and expand and improve the tutorial.

A few specific changes that are being made include increasing the damage of low attacks, making Yokai abilities stronger and easier to use, adjusting the life and attack strength of enemies, and improving camera behavior in narrow areas. Check out the full list of changes being made over on the PlayStation Blog.

Nioh 2 launches March 13th for PlayStation 4.

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