Byzantium and Gaul are coming to Civilization VI

The third New Frontier Pass DLC for Civilization VI will introduce Byzantium and Gaul as new civilizations, 2K and Firaxis Games have announced.

While Firaxis is keeping the specifics under wraps for now, the developer did reveal that Byzantium is all about conquest, while Gaul has boosts related to culture and production.

In addition to the new civilizations and leaders, the DLC includes two new World Wonders. The Biosphere increases appeal for marsh and rainforest tiles, while the Statue of Zeus grants free military units and increases the production of anti-calvary units.

There’s also a new map script called the Highlands and a new game mode called Dramatic Ages, which introduces more powerful Dark Age and Golden Age policies.

Civilization VI’s Byzantium and Gaul Pack is scheduled to release on September 24th.

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