Bungie posts—then deletes—teaser for Destiny 2’s next expansion

Yesterday, Bungie posted a teaser on the official Destiny 2 Instagram account for the game’s upcoming Year 4 of content. And then, mysteriously, it vanished.

Well, not completely vanished, as the post can still be found by using this specific link. In the quick teaser, we see the character Eris Morn climbing a snow-covered mountain, which fans of the game suspect could be on the Jupiter moon of Europa—leaning many to believe that that’s where Guardians will be going next.

Along with the visuals, we also got a date: Tuesday, June 9th, at 9AM PST.

So, the question now is if Bungie deleted the post because they decided it just wasn’t proper timing for such a tease given everything else currently going on, or if the reveal of Year 4 might be pushed back. Either way, we won’t have long to wait to find out.

Source: VG247

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