Bungie is working on a third-person action game, PvP multiplayer

Several job listings have revealed new details about what Bungie has in the works other than Destiny 2.

As spotted by TheGamePost, Bungie has added new job listings for two seemingly different projects, including a third-person action game.

The first listing is for a creative director on a “new third-person action game” that will “drive the creative vision for multiple stages of playable prototypes.” That’s about it on the details, though we can gather from the job description that the game is still very much in its earliest stages. Bungie also appears to be hiring a game director for the same project.

However, that’s not the only project that Bungie appears to be working on. There’s another listing for an incubation contract level designer who will work on an “unannounced multiplayer action game” with “experience building and iterating upon a multiplayer level for a PvP game.”

What isn’t clear is if this project is simply a PvP aspect of the aforementioned action game or if this listing is for a standalone multiplayer title. But considering Bungie pretty much set the standard for console multiplayer with the Halo series, a return to PvP as its focus will probably be a welcome one for fans.

It’s no surprise that Bungie is looking to expand beyond the scope of Destiny. Bungie stated when Sony’s purchase of the studio was announced that one of the main benefits of the acquisition was that it would be able to hire very quickly for new projects. When these games are announced, it will be interesting to see if they are truly multiplatform as CEO Pete Parsons pledged, or if some of the games will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

Image: Destiny 2

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