Bungie is making some big changes to swords in Destiny 2’s next season

In its latest This Week at Bungie blog post, Bungie revealed a number of changes that it will be making to Destiny 2’s swords in the upcoming season.

“After some brainstorming and development time, Swords are receiving a sort of tableflip when it comes to light attacks, heavy attacks, and guarding,” the developer wrote. “While you’ll still rip and tear through opponents, as you would expect from a Sword, most of what you know needs to be unlearned.”

From the next season onward, swords in Destiny 2 will have their own energy reserve that is separate from ammo. This energy reserve will replace the melee slot when wielding a sword.

According to Bungie, all swords will now use energy to guard instead of ammo. However, players will still require one ammo to begin guarding. In addition, grounded light attacks for all swords will now loop infinitely and all swords can cleave.

“While the basic three hit combo is quite a staple of melee weapons in many games – In a shooter this leaves the player extremely open to enemies,” Bungie explained. “By letting the light attacks loop, we also push them and the heavy attacks apart further. Cleaving on light attacks was previously only on the Aggressive Swords, but we opted to add it to the rest of them for more hack ‘n slash.”

Another big change is that sword heavy attacks will consume energy. From next season, heavy attacks will deal more damage when a player has full energy and less when at no energy, so heavy attack can always be used.

Finally, damage amounts for different attacks are being changed and sword perks are being adjusted. Read more about the planned changes here.

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