Borderlands 3’s second Vault Card is now live

The second of Borderlands 3′s Vault Cards is now live with a theme that “celebrates all the would-be Vault Hunters and naïve entrepreneurs,” Gearbox Software has announced.

The card is included in the Ultimate Edition or Season Pass 2 or is available as an individual purchase and contains 28 unique rewards for players to collect, such as legendary gear, Vault Hunter Heads, Vault Hunter Skins, ECHO Device Skins, and more. Take a look at the full list of available rewards below:

  • 4 pieces of new Legendary gear (2 SMGs, Grenade Mod, Artifact)
  • 4 Vault Hunter Heads
  • 4 shared Vault Hunter Skins
  • 5 ECHO Device skins
  • 1 Weapon skin
  • 6 Weapon Trinkets
  • 2 Emotes
  • 2 Room Decorations

Vault Cards were introduced with the release of the Director’s Cut DLC and can be leveled by defeating enemies, completing quests, and through daily and weekly challenges. Each time the card is leveled, players will receive a Vault Card Chest that can contain either a piece of gear from the weekly loot pool, a cosmetic item from that Vault Card, Eridium, a Vault Card Key, or a Diamond Key. There’s no limit to how many levels and chests players can earn.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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