Borderlands 3 hotfix makes changes to weapons and Vault Hunters

Gearbox Software has announced a new hotfix for Borderlands 3 that will be going live by 3 p.m. PT today, September 27th.

The hotfix makes changes to sniper rifles, pistols, Maliwan weapons, and three out of the game’s four Vault Hunters.

“Billions of guns were fired and after collecting some data, we wanted to balance some weapon types and weapon manufacturers,” the developer explained. “These adjustments are intended to even the playing field and increase build diversity for all Vault Hunters.”

The first thing being adjusted in this hotfix is sniper rifles, with an increase in critical damage, an increase in fire rate, a reduction in the time it takes to aim down sights, and a reduction in the time it takes to equip.

Pistols are also being balanced, but it’s not just all buffs. Following the hotfix, the damage on all Tediore, Dahl, and Children of the Vault pistols have been increased. However, Jakobs and Torgue pistols have had their damage reduced.

Other weapon changes include a buff to the damage and fire rate of all Maliwan weapons, a damage increase for all Atlas weapons, and a damage increase for all Jakobs assault rifles.

Moving onto Vault Hunters. Zane is getting a nice buff in this hotfix, with a 38-percent damage increase for his Digi-Clone and a 50-percent damage increase for his Drone.

“Zane’s gadgets were great at providing additional utility but lacked impact as players leveled up,” Gearbox wrote in the patch notes. “We increased the Digi-Clone damage with all equipped weapon so the skill can scale better with players as they get to higher levels and harder content. The Drone requires a lot of player involvement to take full advantage of its damage output and increasing the base damage as well as the augments will greatly increase the Drone’s versatility and reward players even more for using it effectively.”

Also being adjusted is Amara’s Guardian Angel health restoration, her Glamour damage penalty, and FL4K’s Guerillas in the Mist duration and critical damage bonus.

Read the full patch notes here.

Yesterday, Gearbox Software released the first major update for Borderlands 3 that nerfed the KillaVolt encounter and the Pipe Bomb grenade.  

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