Bonuses for Executives and Gunrunners this week in GTA Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s bonuses and discounts for Grand Theft Auto Online players.

To start with, players can get 50 percent more GTA$ and RP from Special Cargo and Gunrunning Sell Missions, as well as double rewards from all Client Jobs. In addition, triple GTA$ and RP are available from the Sumo (Remix) and Roadgame Adversary Modes.

While players looking to save a few GTA$ can get 30 percent off Executive Offices, Bunkers, Nightclubs, all MC Businesses, and the Benefactor Terrorbyte this week. The Ocelot Ardent, Truffade Adder, Obey Omnis, and Dewbauchee Seven-70 are also reduced by 40 percent.

Finally, all players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will receive GTA$100,000 for playing this week.

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