Bonus RDO$ from Red Dead Online’s Hardcore Telegram Missions this week

Rockstar has revealed this week’s bonuses for Red Dead Online players.

To start with, Hardcore Telegram Missions from A Tough Business are paying out 50 percent more RDO$, while double RDO$ and XP are on offer from Shootout and Team Shootout Modes. Additionally, Call to Arms has a 50 percent RDO$ payout boost in Valentine until November 29th, with Blackwater following until December 6th.

Sticking with bonuses, Capitale is boosted across all Blood Money Contracts and there’s five Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunting Licenses, Collector’s Bag, Butcher’s Table, Naturalist’s Sample Kit, or the Moonshine Shack for completing the Covington Emerald Opportunity.

Players can also grab the following items for free from the Tailor to create a Doc Holliday-inspired outfit:

  • Bowler Hat (Black)
  • Worsted Coat (Black or Gray) or the Hartell Autumn Jacket
  • Antoine Jacket (Black)
  • Frumpy Shirt (White) or the Iniesta Shirtwaist
  • Paisley Vest (Black)
  • Folded String Tie (Black)
  • Clerk Pants (Black) or Buckskin Pants
  • Stovepipe Square Toe Boots (Black)

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club account before December 20th will receive a free Stable Stall and five Special Horse Medicines.

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