Bluey: The Videogame – The House on Heeler Hill

Across years of television and cinema properties getting translated into video game form, one problem continually crops up: How do you design an explorable world around a location that may not actually exist as one interconnected space?

While piecing together the Heeler House isn’t quite as technically complex as figuring out the layout of something like The Simpsons’ Springfield, properly building Bluey and Bingo’s childhood home into an explorable location was still something that required care and consideration. At the same time, it was a task that also provided some exciting results.

“One of the best and most rewarding challenges we faced was creating the Heeler House,”  said production director Vincent Grogan. “This is the very first time that fans can freely explore the iconic [home] in a digital experience.”

In order to get the house just right, developer Artax Games worked closely with the teams at Ludo Studios to make sure any questions they (and fans) had about the house were answered—or, at least, that most were.

“Fans can finally see how the rooms link to each other, and find the answer to which floor the kitchen is on,” Grogan added. “However, we still were not able to answer the question of how the Heelers can afford such a big house on their respective job salaries.”

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