Bleeding Edge’s newest character Mekko unveiled alongside new map

Ninja Theory has unveiled a new character for its upcoming team-based brawler Bleeding Edge who will be added to the game in the launch window.

This brand-new fighter is Mekko, a trash-talking dolphin that pilots a mech. According to the developer, Mekko is “the sole survivor of a series of brutal experiments designed to turn ocean dwelling creatures into biological sonic weapons.”

Mekko is a ranged tank with low mobility who can grant allies armor and lifesteal, and take a percentage of an ally’s damage. More information about this new character can be found here.

In addition to Mekko, the developer has unveiled a new map called Landslide. This map is set in Mexico and is playable in Power Collection and Objective Control.

Bleeding Edge is scheduled to launch for Xbox One and PC on March 24th, 2020.

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