Black Desert’s Corsair class revealed alongside a new roadmap

Pearl Abyss has revealed that Black Desert‘s 23rd class will be the seafaring swordswoman Corsair.

The Corsair is able to swim faster and stay underwater longer than any other class and fights using a composite sword called Serenaca. Additionally, the Corsair has access to her sub-weapon Mareca, a magical orb that lets her transform into a mermaid.

This new class will be available on PC, console, and mobile from June 29th. Before then, players can get their look down with pre-creation, which opens later this week on June 23rd.

The developer also shared its plans for Black Desert over the next few months, including the release of Mansions in July, a new extreme monster zone and mini-game in August, the Mythical Dine horse in September, and a new raid and two new Battlefield maps in October. Pearl Abyss notes that these dates are for the Global Lab test server. Take a look at the full roadmap, courtesy of the developer, below:

  • In July…
    • Adventurers can move into their new Mansions and decorate them with exclusive furniture on July 15.
  • In August…
    • Adventurers can witness the horrors of a new extreme monster zone, Terror of the Deep Sea, on August 26. This new single-player mode will give Adventurers a new challenge by limiting their field of view.
    • Try your hand at a new mini-game, Yarr, based on the rules of poker and the classic dice game Yacht. Adventurers will face off against opponents by using Knowledge cards they possess. This simple but addicting card game will be released on August 12.
  • In September…
    • From September 2, Adventurers will be able to ride across the water with the new dream horse Mythical Diné using its Sea Sprint skill.
  • In October…
    • The Elvia Realm Calpheon & Black Star Raid will come on October 14. 
    • Some classic characters will be reworked and will get special abilities that are unique to them.
    • 2 new Red Battlefield maps will be released.
    • Storytelling and tutorials will be improved.

Black Desert is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile.

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