Black Desert first half of 2020 roadmap includes the Guardian, new music feature

Pearl Abyss has laid out its plans for Black Desert Online over the next six months with the release of its latest roadmap.

In terms of classes, players can look forward to the arrival of the Guardian tomorrow, January 22nd. Following the arrival of the Guardian will be her Awakening on February 5th and her Succession later in Q1. Q1 will also see the release of Succession updates for the Witch, Wizard, Striker, Mystic, and Lahn.

Also arriving in Q1 of 2020 is a new system that will allow players to create music and have their Shai play it, and the release of Papua Crinea, a new area that is home to the Papus and Otters.

The final entry on the first half of 2020 roadmap is the new O’dyllita area and a new chapter in the tale of the children of the goddess Sylvia.

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