Black Desert adds Great Expedition and Underwater Ruins on consoles

Pearl Abyss has delivered a new update for MMORPG Black Desert on consoles that introduces the Great Expedition and the Underwater Ruins of Sycraia.

To start with, the Great Expedition allows players to traverse the Great Ocean in their own vessel. From today, players can get their hands on two starter ships: the Bartali Sailboat and the temporary Epheria Cog. The Bartali Sailboat can be upgraded to the Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate through gameplay, with further upgrades available for these two vessels.

Once in the water, players can explore the seas, take part in rescue missions, trade through the new bartering system, fight sea monsters, and go treasure hunting.

In addition to the Great Expedition, Pearl Abyss has opened up the Underwater Ruins of Sycraia area. This new high-level grinding area features a powerful boss to fight that rewards Tungrad Rings, Black Stones, Capras Stones, and Memory Fragments.

Black Desert is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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