BioWare reveals how it’s reworking Anthem’s Javelins

BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey recently detailed how the development team is reworking Anthem‘s Javelins, with a bigger focus on making sure player builds are satisfying.

To do this, the developers are almost completely changing the way that players will spec and build their Javelins.

The biggest change seems to be how players will earn Abilities for their Javelins. Instead of getting Abilities from random drops, players will now unlock Abilities through skill trees. Like with most RPGs, players will level up and earn skill points, which they can then spend on Abilities, Passives, and Stat Boosts, with each Specialization having its own Advanced Skill Tree.

The way players build Javelin loadouts will also change slightly. In the new system, weapons will be specifically designated as primary or secondary, and Mods and Artifact slots will replace Components.

“Artifacts are pieces of super powered tech that set your Javelin and Freelancer apart,” Dailey stated. “Each type of Javelin would have a distinct Artifact catering towards its class fantasy. For instance, your Ranger’s rocket pod would be upgraded into the Skyfell Launcher Artifact, a pair of back-mounted pods that transform into powerful rocket launchers.”

Likewise, Inscriptions are meant to improve the build syngergies that are defined by Specializations, Abilities, and Equipment, without becoming the primary factor of a Javelin’s playstyle or effectiveness.

It’s clear that BioWare Austin is putting a ton of work and thought into getting Anthem back on track with its 2.0 release, but the question remains not only when this update will launch, but if enough people will be interested in giving the game another go.

Source: BioWare

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