Biomutant listing points to Switch release this fall

Last year’s furriest open-world action RPG may be coming to Nintendo Switch soon, if a product listing is to be believed.

As spotted by GoNintendo (via Eurogamer), the Portuguese retailer GamingReplay has posted a product page for a Switch version of Biomutant, complete with box art and an October 25th release date. That’s very soon, especially for a port that publisher THQ Nordic hasn’t even announced yet. But GamingReplay has outed some very real products in the past, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

If you missed out the first go around, BioMutant is set in a post-apocalyptic world full of humanoid animals. You customize your fuzzy hero and navigate six tribes on quest to save the polluted Tree of Life that brings balance to the world. Combat mixes kung-fu-inspired melee and ranged weaponry, and a variety of vehicles help you get around the world.

Michael was tepid on the game in his original two-star review, but Metacritic reviews, from both critics and users, have been a bit kinder.

We do know for a fact that THQ is interested in bringing Biomutant to more platforms. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are set for release next week, on September 5th.

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