Biological horror co-op platform Struggling gets flash launch for Switch and PC

Frontier Developments and Chasing Rats Games’ unusual mix of puzzles and pulsating flesh Struggling is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC. Or, actually, has come with the game’s launch today.

Struggling comes as the first title for Frontier Foundry, a new game label created by Frontier to focus on third-party publishings. In that, this is definitely an interesting game to help kick off the initiative, not only due to its visual style and themes, but the fact that the game has won numerous indie awards. According to Frontier, Struggling has received “Best in Show, Best Art Direction, Best Audio Design and Public’s Favourite at Montreal Independent Game Awards, IGN’s Top 4 Co-op Game at Pax East and PC Gamer’s E3 Hidden Gem, to name but a few.”

At the center of Struggling is Troy, a grotesque monstrosity with two tentacle-like arms. When playing solo, players will need to control both of Troy’s arms, but when in co-op mode, each player will be in control of their own arm. No matter if you’re going it along or with a friend, Struggling‘s 2D worlds look to feature a wide variety of physics-based puzzles.

Given how cooperative games tend to go when that true cooperation is required, Struggling will no doubt be the kind of game to either bring you and a parter closer together, or make you want to stab one another.

If you want to find out how things go for you, the game was shadow dropped (as the kids call it) as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live.

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